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Hello, guys! Everybody has noticed that My Face and Skin suddenly started Glowing and started bombarding me with questions. I was trying my best to write an answer to everyone and support all of you, but failed - with so many messages to respond to I would have to live online. So, I decided to write this post to answer to the question: "How did You manage to Get rid of Your Pimples and Black Spots so Fast?" (That doesn’t mean you can't write to me or ask something, it just makes my life easier).

My transformation took me TWO MONTHS only! AMAZING RESULT, RIGHT?

I’ve never Had Pimples, Black Spots and Darkening Skin but I noticed that I kept getting darker and Black spots started popping up everywhere on my Face. Seven terrible pimples would just appeared on my Face once, Haba!, I looked like a porcupine with all the Pimples pointing out sef, and my Face and Body was looking like coke and fanta, Face getting darker and darker, plus ezema come join! I decided to get Make My Skin to Glow by all means, so I bought all the Creams I could afford Oh, and even borrowed money to buy very Expensive Ones too. 

I started hidding from sun like ninja, applied Morning and night cream but instead of Blending my Skin Tone and Glowing, I continued to look darker and blacker the more! After a month, my face and skin reached the terrifying mark – ALMOST LIKE I RUBBED CHARCOAL ON some parts of my Face! I kept attending and paying for different Skincare Trainings on Whatsapp, Rubbing Red oil, using sheabutter, changing my diet and paying for more than 10 Skincare Courses, some charged up to 50k. I ended up eating fruits and vegetables and drinking nothing but water. I tried some terribly expensive Online Skincare Trainings on whatsapp but nothing seemed to work for me. After a while, the small skin problem kept coming back worse than before back to my exhausted body.

Neither Trainings nor Creams help, they are just want to cheat you and scam you!
Applying the expensive and even cheap creams takes too long to see any progress. So what should I do?
After heaps of trainings, creams, and hours spent in different whatsapp Training groups and thousands of money paid to the personal skincare Experts and Promixers I gave up completely. One day I ran into an article about the Esty Online Skincare Course and decided to try it. Although I heard many other Nigerian celebs were testifying of their Glowing Skin after joining this Online Training on Whatsapp I was still doubting. But having tried everything and getting desperate I had no choice! besides, I checked the reviews and they were impressive indeed!

thousands of women in Nigeria and and Ghana have learned how to take care of their Skin and even how to produce their own Body and Face Lotions thanks to Esty skincare Classes. According to the research, 96.7% of women who took her trainings fired their expensive cream sellers and their skins started glowing in three weeks!

So, it was settled! I went on their website, double-checked everything and Paid to join the Online Training. I was immediately added to their Paid Students whatsapp group and they sent me my eBook even before the training started sef. I read the instructions in the Paid Students Whatsapp Group and we started the Training in the Whatsapp Group, it lasted 5 days and She taught us OVER 100 SKINCARE TOPICS AND PRODUCTS.

After only two weeks of applying only some of what i was taught, my results were stunning – all the Black spots, ezema, sunburn and ugly big big pimples disappeared! and I even lost 6 kg! The coke and fanta face and body color was gone and my complexion got much better, even my Husband confess! My hips and bum got bigger then my belly became notably smaller - and my mood became better! I started to believe I could become beautiful again without any buying all the Creams in this Nigeria or joining every Online Training! So, I started going out to weddings and events as much as I wanted! I was too sick and tired of hidding my face, stretch marks and even those ugly black spots...

By the end of the third week, 90% of the Black Spots and Pimples were Gone! I began to get compliments about my face and that inspired me to flaut my skin even more, Selfie time was more by Now. What seemed to be a tough Outing became an easy pleasure for me! I couldn't believe it happened just because I was following those simple instructions I learned in the Class, and the Money I used in Registering for the course was not even up to my monthly MB subscription! If I could do it - everyone can! Only two months passed and my Enzema and Ugly Pimples were gone!

I archived my Glowing Skin within 60 days. My Skin Color Came out More beautifully, I was Amazed that I could Learn all these in an Online Skincare Training that I thought was Scam oh!

By the way, Esty has Certifications and qualifications in both Nigerian and the US, plus their office is in Ikeja. Their Clients results speak for themselves. I reckon that Her Trainings would make Big Body Lotion companies, fitness clubs, nutritionists and overpriced clinics go broke very soon! No wonder: Esty Online Training is ridiculously cheap!

Now I keep recommending Esty Online Skincare Trainings to my friends, colleages. Important: Register only On the official Online Training website otherwise you might get a scammed. I am happy with my results and I believe that you will be happy too! Forget the stereotypes: you don't need any Creams and unnessary body lotion, diets and workouts to have a beautiful Skin and nice figure!

P.S. Everyone who has gone through Esty Online Trainings on whatsapp, please, feel free to share you results right here! You will help to persuade other people that it really helps! Cheers!

Hey there! I got great news! Esty company representatives contacted me to offer a 75% discount to the first 100 visitors of my blog who join their upcoming Online Skincare Trainings here!


My sister Joined Esty Online Course just before they started their reduced price Promo last month. First I thought it was ridiculous - like how can you learn Skincare Online! without attending physical classes and paying 50k - but she persuaded me just to try… I never thought it is possible… I started the Online Skincare Trainings coffee in September and in October I HAD TO CHANGE MY WARDROBE COMPLETELY! Everything was just too big and covering for me!!!! I needed cloths that showed my legs, little of my laps and threw away my hidding face caps too, my skin became brighter in less than a two months!!!!!! 2 years passed but my Sisters's skin hasn’t changed! I am a happy girl now. To draw a conclusion, just try this Online Skincare Class for a couple of weeks… and you will see


Dear Esther and everyone who wrote a review here! I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude and happiness… I am 33 and the last few years I’ve gone through the hell because of my skin. Even the easiest skin toning was a real challenge for me, I had terrible break outs, quickly got tired and exhausted… I read your posts and decided to try Esty Online Skincare class - and the results turned out to be way above my expectations! Now my skin is glowing - but used to be full of stretch marks and pimples! I cleared all those in three months! I feel great, I feel and look 10 years younger! I do take more pictures.


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